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TV and Prayer

Posted by Aaron on January 13, 2010

I spoke to my wife about the whole TV thing last night, and I think I came to the conclusion that I am going to drop all TV from my schedule, and if there is some free time in the evenings, after everything is calm, I can load up the computer, and watch any of the old episodes I want, similar to what Jay mentioned in an earlier post about using the TV only for Netflix. BUT, this TV/Computer watching will only come after other more important stuff is taken care of. I think this is a reasonable “compromise” with myself over the want to watch certain programming and time constraints and consumption it puts on my life. There is the Internet and even TiVo these days to store the info, and retrieve on an as-wanted basis….

As for prayer in my life…more personal prayer is needed.
Another idea discussed last night with my wife…for the past couple of months, as a family, we have been trying to pray one decade of the rosary each evening after dinner with the kids. I suggested that maybe in order to better dedicate ourselves to the Blessed Mother, we as a family sit down after dinner to start praying the WHOLE rosary (5 decades) each evening, and ask that the kids only have to stick around for the 1st decade, and then they would be free to go, and play/read/whatever quietly in their rooms while we finished the rosary. Of course they would be welcome to stay (our oldest, definitely would probably complete it with us). This would be not only be good for us as individuals (my wife and me) but also be a good example for our children to see us praying even if they are not there…

I got up early this morning, but just not early enough to hit the gym with enough time. I am going to make extra efforts to get there tomorrow am. – so again, a loss on that one.
I didn’t make it to Mass today due to obligations at work, too. – loss, but ok and understandable.

Some exciting news….for me and my family, at least. As any of you who know me, myself and my family are really into following Major League Baseball each year. Having lived in Arizona for the past couple of years, we always make it to at least a couple of Cactus League (spring training) games in March….it is coming fast! The 1st game is coming on March 3rd! Only a little ways away from the American Pastime being back in our lives! Lets see if someone can de-throne the Yankees! (Btw, my wife is an Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan, and while living in CA I was, but now being in Arizona I have slowly switched over to the D-Backs – I figure they are the hometown team, right??)


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