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It has been a while…

Posted by Aaron on February 9, 2010

It has been a while since I posted…I am still getting used to this thing, the posting and all, but I am truly committed to doing this Blog as it really helps keep me motivated. I promise to get better – I already have 2 other posts in the works, and once I finish writing about the questions from the 1st chapter of the “Be A Man” book, I will begin writing on the 2nd chapter. I have thought about creating deadlines, like I have to post at least on at least 2 different days to give updates and write about my thoughts? It will force me to be sure to sit down and write and thing about at least something thoughtful, and hopefully thought-provoking for all of us.

While today was a good day – I actually made it to mass AND the gym, it has not been so good for the last 2 weeks. Luckily I have a GREAT wife who when I said last night how long it had been since I had been to the gym, she said…it doesn’t matter, go tomorrow and get started again! I have really got to “put my head down” and focus on making the habit stick. I am going to do it again tomorrow…gym in the morning, and mass at lunch! I HAVE to do it!

I also REALLY need to make sure I am not picking up those little things to eat, especially late in the evening!! I really need a stronger will when it comes to that! I have definitely cut back on how much food I am eating, it is just that I still have some “breakdown” moments, and I almost can’t help myself. Well…to that, too, I must re-commit myself to reducing that later food. Overall, I am eating less, and definately more healthy…I mean the few snacks I do take in the day are fruits and veggies…so I am feeling good about that!


On the prayer front – We need prayer every day. We need to do more than just say prayers. We (I) need to really start taking some time each day and just sit with God. Not saying anything, but just sitting…in His presence, and …well…just focus on his presence. His presence not necessarily in my life, or in others lives, but just allow myself to be consumed with His love. Truly accept His love. I guess this is something that Fr. Larry talks about in Chapter 2, but I have really been thinking of it more and more as I study the book. It is interesting how we really need to allow ourselves to know him, and spend time with him as we would a very good friend or spouse in order to really KNOW his love for us. I will continue talking about this in an upcomming post.


I am getting excited. Baseball is almost here! The roof of Chase Field (Diamondbacks home stadium) is open nearly every day. The Big-League pitchers and catchers start reporting to their camps in Fla and AZ in less than 8 days!!! Spring training games start in 3 weeks…then only another 5 weeks until Opening Day! Then, 6 months of ‘heaven’ – the season and playoffs, ending with the fall classic in October/November.


A couple of you have forwarded me some great quotes, and I would like to post them so that all can see. I do enjoy hearing what all of you have to say on this blog. I encourage you to tell your friends about it, too. Tell them to participate and comment! PLEASE!!

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything’s perfect. It means you’ve decided to see beyond the imperfections”.
— Unknown, from a church bulletin

“Anxiety is the soul’s greatest enemy, sin only excepted. When the heart is anxious and disquieted within itself, it looses the power to preserve those virtues which are already acquired, and also the means of resisting the temptations of Satan, who does not fail to test the strength of that rope.”
— St. Francis DeSales


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The hometown team

Posted by Aaron on January 15, 2010

Now…just a little on the lighter side…

Sometimes people who know me, and know I love baseball are somewhat shocked when they ask me, who my favorite team is. They usually know that nearly my entire family (on my wife’s side) are MAJOR LA Angels Fans…but while I do follow them, and once considered them my “favorite,” they no longer are. I really now consider the Arizona Diamondbacks as my favorite baseball team…I mean even last year when the Angels came into town to play a couple of inter-league games, much to the chagrin of my wife and in-laws, I couldn’t help but to pull for the D-Backs.

Here is the way I look at it…throughout my life I really haven’t had a “hometown” as in where I was from, only where I currently was. I mean…my dad was military, and while we didn’t move a lot compared to most in the military, we did move a couple of times….My folks were from Iowa, but I was born in California, moved to Massachussetts at 5 and Virginia at 9. I stayed in VA until I left college…and since then I have moved even more…Tennessee for 8 months, New Jersey for 2 yrs, Virginia (a different part of the state) for another 5 years, onto Utah for a year…California again for 2-1/2 years, and now Arizona for nearly 3 years. I have been all over the place…and never long enough to create a long-lasting relationship with any professional team. So, I see no issue at all with rooting for the hometown team…wherever my hometown currently is.

I mean, if I go to a ball game, it is going to be a Diamondbacks ball game (unless during spring training) and where my office is, I look upon Chase Field (the D-Backs home stadium) every day. While I may say my “favorite” team is the DBacks, my 1st love in the game is truly the game itself. I don’t really care who is playing. If I am watching, I am just hopping for a good game. And I prefer the low scoring pitchers duals…or games with a lot of “small-ball” play. Home runs are fine, but I like the strategy of the “get ‘em on, get ‘em over, get ‘em in” kind of ball – the bunt, the steal, the hit-and-run – or the well placed pitch kind of baseball the best. Most of the time when it is a slugfest, it is a very one dimensional game….not a lot of thought provoking “what should they do here” kind of stuff.

So, my apologies to my family in California, to my friends with long-standing single team affiliations, or all others who may be offended by my willingness to move teams so frequently (in my years I have followed the Dodgers, the Yankees, the Angels, and now the DBacks). But, when I can hear about a team everyday on the radio, read about it in the local paper, and become so much more affiliated with them than any other team at the time, I will always be drawn to the local team wherever I live…I am NOT a “fair-weather” fan…I am just a current hometown team fan. Go D-Backs!

And this goes for football, too. Go Cardinals, bet the Saints on Saturday!!

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TV and Prayer

Posted by Aaron on January 13, 2010

I spoke to my wife about the whole TV thing last night, and I think I came to the conclusion that I am going to drop all TV from my schedule, and if there is some free time in the evenings, after everything is calm, I can load up the computer, and watch any of the old episodes I want, similar to what Jay mentioned in an earlier post about using the TV only for Netflix. BUT, this TV/Computer watching will only come after other more important stuff is taken care of. I think this is a reasonable “compromise” with myself over the want to watch certain programming and time constraints and consumption it puts on my life. There is the Internet and even TiVo these days to store the info, and retrieve on an as-wanted basis….

As for prayer in my life…more personal prayer is needed.
Another idea discussed last night with my wife…for the past couple of months, as a family, we have been trying to pray one decade of the rosary each evening after dinner with the kids. I suggested that maybe in order to better dedicate ourselves to the Blessed Mother, we as a family sit down after dinner to start praying the WHOLE rosary (5 decades) each evening, and ask that the kids only have to stick around for the 1st decade, and then they would be free to go, and play/read/whatever quietly in their rooms while we finished the rosary. Of course they would be welcome to stay (our oldest, definitely would probably complete it with us). This would be not only be good for us as individuals (my wife and me) but also be a good example for our children to see us praying even if they are not there…

I got up early this morning, but just not early enough to hit the gym with enough time. I am going to make extra efforts to get there tomorrow am. – so again, a loss on that one.
I didn’t make it to Mass today due to obligations at work, too. – loss, but ok and understandable.

Some exciting news….for me and my family, at least. As any of you who know me, myself and my family are really into following Major League Baseball each year. Having lived in Arizona for the past couple of years, we always make it to at least a couple of Cactus League (spring training) games in March….it is coming fast! The 1st game is coming on March 3rd! Only a little ways away from the American Pastime being back in our lives! Lets see if someone can de-throne the Yankees! (Btw, my wife is an Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan, and while living in CA I was, but now being in Arizona I have slowly switched over to the D-Backs – I figure they are the hometown team, right??)

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