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Iron Sharpens Iron

Posted by Aaron on September 19, 2010

“As iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens his fellow man.” – Proverbs 27:17
There are not many statements that can be more true. Weather we learn from ourselves, from our friends, or even from that stranger we passed earlier today, it is our fellow humans that often make us better people!

A friend of mine mentioned this passage to me the other day, and since I have really been taken with it. This, in essence, sums up the purpose of this blog, and this current quest in my life – to be a better or “sharp”er man! I will be the first to admit that I am in no way a bible scholar – I haven’t even taken the time to sit down and read the Gospels, little lone a single one straight through, but every now and again, a verse is presented to me, and it really takes me! This one sure did!

In every sense of this passage, this makes complete sense! It is one of the reasons I so enjoy meeting with the group of men that I do on Saturday mornings. We take time to review our week, talk about it, make suggestions, point out stronger, better ways to live out our lives in His name, and for Him.

I also feel that this passage MUST be taken in the universal sense of “man” as I know my wife does the same for me – “sharpens” me as I can only hope from time to time I can do the same for her! After all, the purpose for marriage is to help each other and our children reach for and make it to heaven in the end.

Think about how others help to sharpen you, and how you can and do sharpen others. Do we even open ourselves up to this?

Have a blessed week!


4 Responses to “Iron Sharpens Iron”

  1. Greg Keuter said

    Aaron, you need a Cursillo weekend in the worst way. What can I do to help that happen for you?

  2. Tom Brunner said

    If you and Christine have come through this past year stonger and your faith sharper, then that is a testiment to your marriage committment and your rooted spirituality. I definitely need to call to catch up. Glad to hear things are going well!

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