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Another day in the life…

Posted by Aaron on August 15, 2010

Ok…. I know it has been another week when I didn’t post anything when I had committed to, but, here I am again…two weeks later. Still better than the last time when it has been MONTHS! This one is a little bit of a ramble, but it will give everyone some perspective of some of the things in my life.

Last weekend
My wife and I went to a funeral last Saturday for a former co-worker of mine. He was truly loved! What a service! There must have been a couple of hundred people at the church, and all singing and praising God! Quite an interesting experience, as this was the 1st time I had gone to an evangelical Christian Church. Not really for me, as I do feel very much at home with the liturgical worship we have in the Catholic Church, and of course, Jesus himself in the Eucharist, but you could tell these people really had a “personal relationship” with Jesus!

Saturday mornings
I have found a group of men that meets together on Saturday mornings to share. It is SO good for my soul. I think every man needs something like this. A group of men to sit, drink coffee and listen to your successes, understand your hardships, and share advice on what you and they think. Far too often we, especially as men, get into the routine of …up in the morning, off to work, home for dinner, a little time with the kids, a little time with the wife, and off to bed, only to begin another day. Very little time is spent in “communion” with other men, in the same state as you, living a life with a wife and kids, trying to be a man of God, and seeking support from others like you. This is what we have here. It is awesome! Just thought I would share. I would encourage you men out there to do the same. It is very refreshing to the soul.

Cub Scouts
Cub Scouts is starting back up this week for the school year! If you didn’t know, I am the Cubmaster for our church’s pack, and both of my boys will be active in it this year. We are all looking forward to having another wonderful year of scouting ahead of us! Last year we had 40 really active kids from 1st to 5th grade, and this year we expect to double in size! We have a lot of activities already planned, and are looking forward to implementing a better, more organized program than we had last year, and last year was a real success! Wish us luck and pray for our success this year!

Well…I must go now…I have a Pack meeting to prepare for, some lunches to pack for school, and another week of my own to get started on. Pray that I may get everything I need and want accomplished this week!

God Bless!


5 Responses to “Another day in the life…”

  1. Christine said

    This sounds wonderful! You are working so diligently and intentionally on bettering your life. You are not the only one who is truly benefitting from it, but all of us around you are as well. Thank you for being such a motivated and ambitious man! Your life is a great example for all. I only wish everyone in this world would be as focused as you are in preparing for the next world. I am here to support you in all you do. I love you!

  2. Lynn Gilbertson said

    Hey Aaron —

    Greetings from NoVA! Thanks for your inspiring blog. We will be thinking of you & praying for you WRT your 2010 goals & blog. We are right there with you! Dave is not active on facebook, but I speak for us both — we support you!

    We have similar challenges. Key is to stay focused, while remaining flexible when life tosses in some unpredictable detours, Also be willing to change tactics and try new strategies/routine/whatever is get to the most effective and comfortable routines. And be patient b/c I’ve become far more accepting during the past year that life changes don’t occur over night, or over many weeks. It can take months to undo less effective life habits. And that’s OK. It’s just day-by-day, hour-by-hour.

    Congrats and way to go regarding your leadership as Cubmaster! Your Pack is very blessed to have you as a role model. I’m our pack’s treasurer (big surprise) and Dave, whose hours go late so he misses most meetings, was able to take off a week to lead the Webs during the annual camping trip to Goshen, VA — both he and Eric had a great time.

    Similar to how Christine likes to set goals at the start of the liturgical year, we try, when we remember, to reset things on Sunday night for the upcoming week. We were just sharing our goals for the week over dinner last night – the boys want to “make weight” for football on Wednesday (Eric so he can play U75 and George so he can carry the ball in anklebiter). Dave wants to lose 2 lbs this week. Two lbs equals his total weight loss for 2010, but he’s made some changes to his approach over the past two weeks to try to get more effective results. And I would like to make two trips to Goodwill with a stuffed van full of old books, old clothes, etc. The stuff is getting to be too much. Just takes so long for me to “process” as I filter & re-sort all the books the kids removed (they want to purge every book) when they cleaned their rooms. I say, “you can’t toss that one – it’s your ES yearbook!” or our favorite book at Christmas. “Oh yeah, you’re right!” They say.

    Anyway, as a wise holy man we both knew once said (and still says as he smiles down on all of us with the angels), “Strike the rock, and water will pour forth from it!” Happy Monday, and have an inspiring week!

    — Lynn Cheslock Gilbertson

    • Aaron said

      Good to hear from you guys!
      and I couldnt agree more with the “day-by-day, hour-by-hour.” That is why I am back to this after MONTHS! I had been reminded by a number of friends that I had not posted anything, and I knew I made the commitment, so here I am back at it, and it is good. Especially good when I hear from others like you who validate my own struggles and efforts, and hopefully I help to inspire in you and those like you to keep it up “day-by-day, hour-by-hour”
      Good luck with everything, especially the “purge” of stuff (and the weight thing -I know all about that!)…Christine has done the purge numerous times for us, too. But, also, if I may say…dont forget to purge each of your souls from all the “stuff” that accumulates any way you can, otherwise our spirits will become too cluttered up as well!

  3. Brian said

    so hello there aaron what you said was very good. One question to you. how do your boys like cub scouts. My wife and i are putting kyle our 6 yr old into it this year and just wanted to see your reaction to yours over there ya know but yeah like your posts and blogs, i do enjoy reading them as you put them up. Just is great to hear whats going on in your part of the world.

    • Aaron said

      Thanks for responding!
      I couldnt recommend Scouting more!
      Weather Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts or otherwise, Scouting is awesome. It truly is a good thing for any young boy. You should check out our pack’s website at Pack522.net. We have a couple of pages on the Public site that are good to read as it gives some fun facts and FAQs for not only our pack, but Cub/Boy Scouting in general.
      And Yes! My kids LOVE it. My youngest boy is just starting with Tiger cubs (6 yrs/1st grade) and my oldest is starting Webelos (9 yrs/4th grade) and has been active for a year (since we started the pack). Good luck, and have a great time with it if you decide that it is right for him!

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