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OK…. I really am still here!

Posted by Aaron on July 31, 2010

Ok, so it has been a REALLY long time since the last time I posted (and I thought it was a long time before!)

Well…I want to get back into it, and I think that if I just set a goal of posting every week before the start of the new workweek, that would be a good start. So, I dedicate to get something posted to this blog of my attempts at better personal well being, and other topics I wish to discuss, by each and every Sunday evening.

That being said, my kids are already back in school! We are back to a somewhat “normal” routine. They start school in the last week of July, but are out before Memorial Day Weekend in May, plus have some good, quality time off throughout the year. I am excited as they all begin in their new grades, and finally we have all 3 in full-day school, as our youngest is in all-day kindergarten this year! We love the new school that we have put them in, and they are excited about it, and already have a slue of new friends.

I am back to trying to get to the gym most mornings, and have created a little rotating workout for me to follow each day as a guide and motivator. I think it is working, and helping me some with my much needed activity physical activity, and hopefully it will show in my next doctor’s appointment. I really need to get set in this, and make it work, and keep working. It is just difficult to make it work so early in the morning.

As I go to the gym more, I also am able to get to mass more in the morning. I have found a parish about mid-way into work that has a mass at 6:30am that allows me to get to work just after 7, which works perfectly. Now…I just need to get the timing to work out appropriately so I can make it fit as a regular routine. One positive light was that this morning (a Saturday) I woke up naturally very early, so this indicates that my body is finally adjusting to the early alarm during the week. Of course, I always have my mid-day alternative at the basilica at noon downtown.

Well…don’t want to go on too long, but just wanted to give an update, say that I am still here, that this has been on my mind, and that I am re-committing to doing this, along with other things going forward, and I hope, as I originally stated, to encourage others, and be encouraged!

Peace be with everyone as they enter a new month, and I’ll post again next week!


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