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The Universal Prayer

Posted by Aaron on January 25, 2010

This is a prayer that was introduced to me a couple of weeks ago. I feel it is a very interesting and what I will call “whole” prayer. While long, I think this is very appropriate for what I am trying to do here, now, in my life, and applies very well. So I share it with you. Please read it, and take it to heart. Say it a couple of times in your days, as I will. Maybe we all can become better people as we, with the obvious help of God, heed much of what is contained in this prayer.

THE UNIVERSAL PRAYER (attributed to Pope Clement XI)

Lord, I believe in you: increase my faith.
I trust in you: strengthen my trust.
I love you: let me love you more and more.
I am sorry for my sins: deepen my sorrow.

I worship you as my first beginning,
I long for you as my last end,
I praise you as my constant helper,
And call on you as my loving protector.

Guide me by your wisdom,
Correct me with your justice,
Comfort me with your mercy,
Protect me with your power.

I offer you, Lord, my thoughts: to be fixed on you;
My words: to have you for their theme;
My actions: to reflect my love for you;
My sufferings: to be endured for your greater glory.

I want to do what you ask of me:
In the way you ask,
For as long as you ask,
Because you ask it.

Lord, enlighten my understanding,
Strengthen my will,
Purify my heart,
and make me holy.

Help me to repent of my past sins
And to resist temptation in the future.
Help me to rise above my human weaknesses
And to grow stronger as a Christian.

Let me love you, my Lord and my God,
And see myself as I really am:
A pilgrim in this world,
A Christian called to respect and love
All whose lives I touch,
Those under my authority,
My friends and my enemies.

Help me to conquer anger with gentleness,
Greed by generosity,
Apathy by fervor.
Help me to forget myself
And reach out toward others.

Make me prudent in planning,
Courageous in taking risks.
Make me patient in suffering, unassuming in prosperity.

Keep me, Lord, attentive at prayer,
Temperate in food and drink,
Diligent in my work,
Firm in my good intentions.

Let my conscience be clear,
My conduct without fault,
My speech blameless,
My life well-ordered.
Put me on guard against my human weaknesses.
Let me cherish your love for me,
Keep your law,
And come at last to your salvation.

Teach me to realize that this world is passing,
That my true future is the happiness of heaven,
That life on earth is short,
And the life to come eternal.

Help me to prepare for death
With a proper fear of judgment,
But a greater trust in your goodness.
Lead me safely through death
To the endless joy of heaven.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.


5 Responses to “The Universal Prayer”

  1. Connie Accurso said

    Aaron, That is beautiful…a wonderful payer for all each day. You sent it at a perfect time as I needed to find an opening for our Small Christian Community group next week. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. David Sawhill said

    I enjoy reading your posts and I apologize if I give too many ideas. How about every morning, rather than go to the gym, you go on a brisk walk around the neighborhood. While doing so you can read this prayer. It will allow you to not waist time going to the gym, you get some exercise, and you get to pray. Possibly God will assist you in your fitness since you will be working out with him.

    On a side note, I like the picture on your homepage because it looks like your younger-self is looking and thinking about the Title of your post.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    • Aaron said

      Ideas and discussion are exactly what I am looking for, and I hope we all can inspire each other with what is said here! Please continue to contribute, as I for one enjoy your and everyone elses ideas! The whole thing is about not only me, but everyone being inspired to live “A Better Life.”

      I agree, a walk around the neighborhood would be great, but the gym is only around the corner & super inexpensive, and by quickly putting on my gym clothes here, and then showering and getting ready for work over at the gym locker-room, I lessen the risk of waking my kids at an unreasonable hour by coming back in. It really works best right now, but maybe I could incorporate this prayer into my workout routine!

      • David Sawhill said

        Very kind of you to not wake your kids. I always wonder when the right time would be to incorporate my kids into my workout. I’m assuming I would be the best role model for them to develop a healthy lifestyle. Any ideas and what age is appropriate?

      • Aaron said

        well, when I leave for the workout at 4:30/5am, and am finished at 5:30/6am, and they dont get up until 7….it is best that I just stay away.
        as for when is it appropriate for kids to participate with you in working out…I think it all depends on the type of workout….I think that if you are going to a gym, probably late middle school/high school is the appropriate time. If it is just bike riding/walking or pushups/situps at home…when ever they are coordinated to do it, and can kind of keep up with you without distracting your workout too much.
        Always, ALWAYS encourage the kids to go outside and run and play, though!!! The less time they sit in front of the TV/computer/handheld games, the best it is for them.

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