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Update – 1/20/10

Posted by Aaron on January 20, 2010

So, Last week was filled with goals, and with those goals I had many “wins” and “losses” or room for improvement. I feel I did a decent job of limiting my exposure to TV. I was able to forgo the season premiere of 24, and limited my viewing otherwise. I did finally watch, over a number of nights, a movie I have been longing to see – “A Bridge Too Far.” This is an excellent movie, and for anyone interested in war history movies (ex. “Patton” “The Longest Day” “Saving Private Ryan”) this is an excellent portrayal of what happened during Operation Market Garden during WWII. I was able to get to mass at the Basilica 3 times last week, which is good, but was unable to get myself motivated to get to the gym even one time.
I took the day off yesterday due to some medical tests that one of my sons was going through, and spent some good time with my other two kids, going to a movie, and enjoying a big breakfast with them.

So, we are into another week, and it is already Wednesday!! Geesh, how time flies. At work I got a new computer yesterday, and I have since been working to set it up to my personal preferences. I will get it there! It will just take time.

I finally got to the gym this morning after a little prodding from my wife to get me out of bed along with my alarm. It was a good thing. I got some cardio done on an elliptical and some gut busters done on a couple of ab-machines. I feel good today because of it. Tomorrow I will continue!! That is what this is all about… if I fail, I must take courage, don’t let it get me down, and pick it up, and move forward. This right here…this blog…is helping me to keep this focus!

More updates coming, and more of my thoughts on stuff, too….sports, politics, religion. I am looking forward to it as I really begin to put a lot of my thoughts on some paper (computer screen)! I hope you can challenge and/or support me through your comments!! I look forward to it!


6 Responses to “Update – 1/20/10”

  1. Kevin Perry said

    Keep up the progress, and sorry about your Cardinals….

  2. Christine said

    You are doing great & inspiring me to be the best “version of myself” each day when I read your blog entry!
    Keep up the hard work because it all pays off in the end. I love you!

  3. Tom said

    My saving grace with getting to the gym is that Joe has swimming practice twice a week (in the evening, of course), so I usually go with him and work out while he is at practice and them swim with him afterwards. I don’t know how you go to the gym BEFORE work in the morning. I remember you getting up at 6am in college, taking a shower and then getting dressed for the day… only to get back under the covers ’til 8:30:)
    Good luck this coming week.

  4. Stacey said

    Hello Aaron…
    Congrats on the goal setting and your great efforts and sacrafices to achieve them. Keep up the good work..you are an inspiration to your friends and family.

  5. David Sawhill said

    I always say to myself, “Be consistent”. Pick the same day to go to the gym and go! My motivation is knowing that the healthier I am increases the chance that I’ll live longer and be there to support my family.

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