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Be A Man!

Posted by Aaron on January 12, 2010

Before I start, I would like to thank those of you who have shown me support either with the comments left on the previous posts, or those expressing support on my FaceBook page. Thank you so much. Tell your friends about it, and maybe we can get an interesting on-line community built here…who knows?

So, in the 1st couple of days of this recorded experiment…some wins and some losses…
Didn’t get to the gym Monday OR Tuesday morning…loss. Need to focus on getting there tomorrow.
I did get to mass at the Basilica on both Monday and Tuesday…win.
I kept my diet (food intake/portions) to a reasonable level…win.
Sunday night I fell asleep to a movie…loss. This should NEVER happen. I need to create a *stop* time, like say 10:00pm
But on Monday I didn’t even look a TV…Win. Partially because of a meeting I had for Cub scouts and a good visit with friends afterward.

Hopefully I can keep up with the wins, and improve on the losses! Keeping the chin up!

One of the things I do on a monthly basis is attend a Saturday morning men’s fellowship group through my church. What a wonderful experience this is. I really receive a lot of fruit in my soul from connecting with and hearing from/about other men and their lives/struggles/successes. Of course I also share mine. What a great way for men to share their faith and lives with each other! I really am fulfilled by going to these once-a month meetings. I only wish they could be more often….

This month we have started a new book to review and go over for the spring months and into our Pentecost Sunday weekend retreat. The book is, “Be A Man!” by Fr. Larry Richards. It looks like a fascinating study for us men, and I am really looking forward to the reading and the discussions revolving around each of the chapters. We will be reviewing a chapter a month, and then using the final 5 chapters as the basis for the May retreat. What a wonderful blessing this will be! I suppose that as I review each of the chapters, I will be writing about what he says, and what I think. For any of you guys out there, take a gander at it, maybe read it with me…who knows, maybe we could also have an interesting discussion on here to inspire ourselves and maybe others?


3 Responses to “Be A Man!”

  1. Tom Brunner said

    Very cool idea starting the blog, Aaron. I’m especially proud of the less TV, more time with the family thing. I often find that I go to sleep too late when I just flip around at night before bed. I’m trying to be in bed each night by 10:00 to read and then go to sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep, I’m worthless the next day. With MJ still having “morning” sickness in the evenings, I’ve found myself being more responsible for Joe in the evenings. He has definitely enjoyed spending more time with Daddy I think. However, I don’t know about throwing the baby out with the bathwater… I mean, 24 only comes on for a few months each year! Use that as snuggle time on the couch with the wife. “Hey kids, don’t you want to go upstairs to play the Wii while Mommy and I relax together???” Thank God for whoever invented the Wii. I’m also with you on the 20 or 30 pounds thing. I’m up to 220, more than I’ve ever been. So, we can keep each other accountable to there being a little less of us to love! Thanks for the post. Give hugs to the wife and kids.

  2. Kevin Perry said

    I’ll try to get it – a chapter a month ought to be doable. Do you know where I could order it?

    • Aaron said

      Probably Amazon or Barnes & Nobel, or any other book dealer.

      Title: Be A Man!: Becoming the Man God Created You To Be
      Author: Fr. Larry Richards
      the ISBN #: 978-1-58617-403-3

      And, the book is only 195 pages long! It should be a short, but thought provoking read, if done correctly.

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