A Better Life

Just some thoughts on my life…and how I am trying to live it better

A better life

Posted by Aaron on January 9, 2010

Ok…I am going to do it!
I am going to start a blog….

I have some New Years resolutions…it is that time of year…and I figured I would go ahead and start a blog in order to document my successes and failures…hopefully to be an inspiration to some, and maybe get encouragement from others…

A little about me….I am 36, nearly 37, and I want to live a better life. A better life not only for me, but for my family…my kids and my wife. I have lived all over these United States of America (lets see…California, Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, back to Virginia, onto Utah, California again, and now Arizona) and where we are right now, both my wife and I agree, we are in the BEST location we have ever lived. We are in a not-so-small town in the Valley of the Sun, Arizona. A very family oriented town with what we consider a very good educational system for the kids, and we LOVE it!

Well…what is a “better life”?? To me it is one that is closer to God, closer to my family, and FUN! Fun being not just content, but a real JOY to live. I want to be excited about getting up tomorrow, and want to feel like I don’t want to go to bed because I don’t want today to end! I know this is not possible ALL the time, I mean we all have our ups and downs, right? What I want is more ups than I have been having, and fewer downs. I have a plan to help get this going in the right direction…I have been working on it for a while, and have intensified it in the last month, put goals and standards up and am beginning to switch it into high gear. As part of the “high gear” I figured I would add this blog to my life…kind of like an open book diary to help keep me on track, and like I said in the opening, maybe inspire some, and hopefully be encouraged by others. I also want to voice some, if not all of my opinions in life…get them out there…let people know what and how I think.


5 Responses to “A better life”

  1. Kasia (Sawhill) Williams said

    Aaron — Here for you from the beginning (O: Excited to see the work in your life & how you move forward. I enjoy the thought of getting to know you better. Family far away, but still family. Keep it up. Looking to be inspired & really put into thought & action some of your ideas. More UPS then DOWNS. Have a blessed New Year! Kasia

  2. Kevin Perry said

    What a cool idea! I look forward to reading and keeping up with it

  3. Stacey said

    Hi AAron…
    What a cool idea. I think it’s great that you are doing this. I agree with you, that this is absolutely the BEST place I have ever lived too. I love, love, love having your wonderful family as my neighbors. I look forward to more posts..:)

  4. Christine Accurso said

    I look forward to reading your blog. Love you!

  5. Gordon Cartwright said

    How great it was that folks sent me this Blog and how exciting it s to hear about you.

    I hold all your thoughts close to my heart. One of the thoughts is your famiy praying together. I have a great devotion tothe Blessed MOther and love praying the Rosary. My charised tim is coming to Tabor each day and stitting in front of the Blessed Sac.Just sitting doing nothing but listening andf then asking Jesus to always allow me to see the light in my life and ask for healing where there is darkness or sin. So my friend keep up the good work.
    Mark 1:4 Moved with pity Jesus stretched out HIs hand, touch the the Leper and said I do will it, Be made clean! What an insight ino the heart of Jesus. Deacon Gordon

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